Thursday, May 17, 2012

Assessing the Pirates and the Rod Barajas Era

By Finesse

We're 26 games in to the Rod Barajas Era, so let's assess how great this signing has been.  For those who don't know, Barajas was the Pirates' big free agent acquisition last November, brought on board for his veteran moxie (he's 36), huge bat (career .236 average), and because someone had to be the catcher.

But if you're going to sit in your ivory tower and judge Barajas's season by his .188 batting average, 3 RBI in 80 at bats (THAT'S RIGHT I SAID 3 RBI IN 80 AT BATS!), 13 RBI pace for the whole season (THAT'S RIGHT I SAID 13 RBI PACE FOR THE WHOLE SEASON!), then I've got news for you.  You don't know jack about Rod Barajas.

No one commands a pitching staff like Rodrigo Richard Barajas.  No one.

Rod F'ing Barajas, bitch.
The Pirates' pitching staff has the 4th best team ERA in the entire league.  That is not a typo.  Many of you still don't think this proves the Barajas-Effect.  You'll point to the fact that last year the Pirates had the 8th best team ERA in the majors heading into the All-Star break, but the 27th best team ERA after the All-Star break (they finished the season 17th overall).  You expect a similar collapse this year.

You Barajas-deniers are forgetting that the Bucs played 8 different catchers last season.  This year, the Pirates have relied on only two catchers -- the rock solid Rod Barajas, and that guy Mike McKenry who hit some unreal game winning home run last June.

But before anyone gets all jazzed up about what McKenry brings to the table offensively, let's put the myth that he's in Barajas's's's league to bed.  The numbers don't lie: McKenry has two-thirds the amount of RBI as Barajas does this season. (2 divided by 3 = 2/3)

So be thankful that Rod Barajas is on the Pirates, but be mindful that Rod Barajas doesn't belong to the Pirates.  Because Rod Barajas belongs to no one.  Rod Barajas belongs to everyone.


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