Friday, April 13, 2012

Pens-Flyers Game 2: Pete Laviolette Can't Let Anything Go

By Artistry

Female pattern baldness model Peter Laviolette continues to betray a real distaste for his Penguins counterpart, Dan Bylsma.  In our estimation, Bylsma is guilty of only three things: 1) an unwavering commitment to his "system"; 2) being a huge hockey nerd in the proud tradition of Professor Bob Johnson; and 3) never saying a bad word about anybody.

For reasons unknown to us, though we have offered a theory, Laviolette can't stand him.

After Friday's game day skate, Bylsma commented on the Flyers' Game 1 performance:

"They put 46 pucks behind our defense with a purpose.  The only way to prevent them from doing that is to have them not have the puck to play in the offensive zone.  If you give it back to them, they are going to put it behind our defense and go in on the forecheck."

How did Laviolette respond to a reporter's question about this innocuous and essentially complimentary statement?

"They probably had 50 (pucks) behind us, so I'm not sure what that means."

Bitterness can eat you up inside.
If the Pens come back to win the series, it's going to be a very difficult handshake for Pete.

I'll be back at Consol Friday night for game 2 as Finesse continues his Bachelor Party Tour of America and Puerto Rico.  Follow the game with me on Twitter.

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