Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Milbury's Perplexing Apology to Morehouse

By Artistry

Pittsburgh Penguins President and CEO David Morehouse reacted Tuesday to a statement issued by constant source of humiliation to his NBC employers and his own family, Mike Milbury. 

"I have no idea why he's apologizing to me," said Morehouse.*

Still waiting for an apology from Mike Milbury at this hour are Sidney Crosby, Dan Bylsma, women, the New York Islanders, the Boston Bruins, some guy Milbury beat up with a shoe, Dr. Michael Collins, skirts, Jeremy Roenick, NBC, Milbury's family, and men.**

*He didn't say this, but we suspect he thought it.

** GTOG, however, is not waiting for an apology, because we don't care, nor have we ever cared, what Mike Milbury says.

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  1. So this is the only response that NBC can muster? Nice. (You know this wasn't under Milbury's own initiative.)