Sunday, April 1, 2012

GTOG Podcast: Pens fall hard to Philly

That was a tough one. The Flyers came into Consol and put a serious dent in the Pens' hopes for home ice advantage and, in the process, may have confirmed that all the problems we thought would go away may be here to stay. We talk about the mayhem at the end, Laviolette's odd balding pattern, and what the Pens need to fix over the final three games. These are emotional times. Lean on the GTOG Podcast.

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The time has come for Asham to fight Talbot.


  1. Hard to get over this loss. I'm a bit more worried than you guys seem to be. Maybe you guys are more mentally stable than I am but maybe the Pens are not as fine and dandy as we would like to think

    - The Flyers' first and fourth goals were a clear sign that Fleury is fatigued. He is now 0-3-0 in his last three starts with a 4.67 GAA heading into the last week of the regular season. We have never seen him slide like this in March-April. Fleury has had his slumps, but never late in the season.

    - What's cooler than being cool? Chris Kunitz. The guy has been cold for several games now. I don't think it was the lack of discipline of the first line that was the problem, it was number 14 who couldn't keep up, kept missing passes, couldn't get net front presence and took a stupid penalty. He did score at the end of the game and I hope he snaps out of it.

    - I also don't think the Schenn cross-check on Crosby was because of Crosby's slash earlier on Giroux. What I saw was a rookie getting all excited about beating the hated rivals in their home barn, seeing their captain and losing his mind. I wish we still had Mike Rupp exactly for these situations.

    - Are the Flyers in the Penguins' heads? No, but they should be. That feeling of "only we can beat ourselves" is what did the Pens in against MTL in 2010. In the '09 first round series the Pens were driven by hate for the Flyers, among other things, and we kind of need them to be focused a bit more on the Flyers and a little less on themselves (by, say, cutting down on curl moves on the blue line).

    - Can you imagine how all over the place Letang would have been if we were still playing without helmets and he could let his hair flow?

    - A word on Dupuis - until this year, a Crosby-Sullivan-Dupuis line would not have been an option for the coaching staff. They needed a nasty Kunitz type to watch the little guys. But Dupuis not only has matched Kunitz in offensive output, he's become a physical player. He's the energy guy on that line, which is almost as inexplicable as his scoring.

  2. P.Co, I think I'm more worried than you're giving me credit for. One thing I am not particularly worried about is Fleury fatigue. He's played in 65 games. Marty Brodeur has played at least that many 12 times, and it hasn't impacted his playoff performance much. Now, Marty Brodeur is unusual, I grant you. But Fleury is pretty good, too, and more importantly, he's young.

  3. P.Co - agree with you on Hands. They've been anything but velvety recently.