Monday, April 16, 2012

Great Meltdowns in Penguins History

By Artistry

[Listen to our Game 3 recap podcast here.  And look for more posts over the next few days as we continue to take the temperature of Pens Nation]

Welcome, everyone, to great meltdowns in Penguins history.  Many will point to Game 3 of the Penguins-Flyers 2012 playoff series as undoubtedly the single most epic meltdown in team history, if not all of Pittsburgh sports history.  It's hard to disagree.

This game had all the elements of a colossal implosion: the Asham crosscheck to the throat followed by a punch to the head of his defenseless victim, all in response to a clean hit; Sidney Crosby starting in with Claude Giroux; Kris Letang getting himself thrown out of the game in the first period; Marc-Andre Fleury giving up a goal every 43 seconds; Dan Bylsma paralyzed by the debacle unfolding in front of him. There really is no end to this list.  And there is really nothing that matches this game as a whole, at least in my memory, ever.

But let us not forget our ancestors.  See two of the best meltdowns in Pens history after the jump...

Sidney Crosby is not the first Pens captain to completely lose his composure in a first round playoff game against a hated rival.

Mario Lemieux got himself thrown out of this game in April 1996.  Does this make April Penguins Meltdown History Month?

And who can forget the time referee Kerry Fraser said something to Lemieux while the Pens' current owner was minding his own business in the penalty box.

On days like these, it helps to remember a few things.  First, just because you melt down once, it doesn't mean it's permanent.  Think of it like the recycling process.  Second, Sidney Crosby is great, but when it comes to losing his composure, he could learn a thing or two from the owner. And third, Kerry Fraser was an asshole.

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