Thursday, March 29, 2012

When did Dan Bylsma become Mike Tomlin?

By Finesse (follow me on Twitter)

The best thing about Mike Tomlin, even better than his coaching ability, is the way he speaks.  He can add "in that regard," "things of that nature," or "with respect to" to any sentence and it automatically becomes a Mike Tomlin-esque sentence.

With respect to what day of the week it is and things of that nature, we'll have to see where we're at in that regard.

He also has an uncanny ability to say a great deal of words while saying nothing.

In terms of where we are at with this football team and the things we are doing in the three phases of the game and what not we are at a point in time where we are assessing the nature of where things stand and in terms of what we will be doing from this point forward and things of that nature.

Somewhere along the way, Dan Bylsma picked up on this tactic and has started to run away with it.  This is an actual quote from this morning's Post-Gazette.
 "I think there have certainly been words spoken about where we're at and the situation we're in, how we're playing right now and our mindset in terms of where we're at in relation to the end of the season -- with the games we've got remaining and then heading into the playoffs."

Say what?

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  1. That's hysterical. I teach a college-level class in writing style. Next semester, I'm definitely pulling sports-related quotes from the newspaper to use for practice. I hadn't thought about it before - but its a treasure trove for empty words: "concussion-related symptoms," anyone?