Wednesday, March 14, 2012

What we expect from Sidney Crosby's second debut

By Finesse

As we said on Twitter, all we can do is hope that he's ok.  He's earned it.

We talked on our podcast earlier this week about how Sid is a "moments" guy.  He's more prone to seizing the big moments than he is to sustained excellence over long periods of time (he'd obviously do both if he didn't have so many "concussion-like-symptoms," whatever that means, over the past year).  With this knowledge of Sid, our expectations for his return differ from our hopes for his return.  We expect him to score 4 points or get another concussion.

If we had our druthers, he'd play 16 minutes, have a power play goal, and escape MSG unscathed.   But that's not how he rolls.

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