Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Top 10 Moments of The Bachelor: The Women Tell All

By Artistry 

If you were captivated by Courtney taking the stage last night for "The Women Tell All" and squeezing out a few tears as the other Ladies squawked and pouted, this post isn't for you. But if you enjoy the subtlety of Jenna the Blogger acting like she has a sense of humor about her nationally televised meltdown as she fights with all her strength to conceal another, pending nationally televised meltdown as some other Lady hands her a tampon, read on.  Here are GTOG's Top 10 Moments from WTA:

10. The return of Apollo

Could Ryan Sunshine from Ashley's season of the Bachelorette possibly be our next Bachelor?  Don't rule it out.  If you think would-be Bachelor Tim Tebow knows something about the power of the human spirit, you ain't seen nothing yet.

See the rest of this remarkable list, after the jump...

9. Revisiting Roberto's proposal

We got to feel the passion, the heat, and  the sweat all over again.

8. Pretending Ali and Frank have undeniable chemistry

Oh, Ali, the Bachelor Pad? With Frank, the unemployed screenwriter who lives on his parents couch?  Roberto, look away.  How the mighty have fallen.

7. Curtis Painter

Great pocket presence last night.

6. That time Harrison asked Blakely, "You think that you giving out blessings stepped on toes?"

So many blessings.

5. When that one girl called Samantha a Chihuahua

Great call.

4. When the Women admitted Shawntel is not ugly and her thighs are OK, too

It was so hard reliving Shawntel's trauma, but, as always, the Lady Formerly Known As the Smoking Hot Undertaker, AKA the Comely Embalmer, prevailed.  By way of apology for saying Shawntel's thighs are bigger than hers, Erika explained, "My thighs are not small, girl."  Somehow, I think we all found comfort in this.

3. Nicki explains the levels of love language

Nicki, bless her heart, completely legitimized our "Levels of Love Language" theory by explaining that, initially, she was all like, "I'm on my way to maybe falling in love with Bin," but then, eventually, she was like, "I'm just plain falling in love with Bin."

2. The time Harrison looked at Kacie B. really earnestly and said, "Were you afraid to love?"

Somebody really needs to put together a YouTube homage to Harrison's questions, and it may need to be us.

1. The quote of the season from Chris Harrison:  "Obviously, there's a lot of raw emotion here."


Big Finale Raw Emotion Podcast coming up Monday. We're already breathing hard.


  1. I thought of you when I heard the raw emotion comment lol and I didn't buy Courtney's apology. She's just trying to repair her image.


  2. I heard "raw emotion" and I was waiting for him to say "podcast"!

  3. All of those girls are bat shit crazy and make Courtney look a little bit saner by comparison.