Thursday, March 1, 2012

Hall of Fame Hines

By Artistry

He won't retire, but we're calling it now.  Hines E. Ward, Jr. belongs in Canton. First, the numbers for the fiesty underdog 6'0, 205 pound third-round draft choice, who, he reminds us, was taken in the third round:

1,000 catches (8 all-time)
12,083 receiving yards (18th all-time)
85 receiving TDs (13th all-time)
2 Super Bowl wins
1 Super Bowl MVP
4 Pro Bowls
12-6 record with 88 catches, 1,186 yards, and 10 TDs in 18 playoff games

Add to that the commonly held view that Ward may have been the best blocking wide receiver of his era. And we haven't even gotten to the intangibles.  Or the emotion. Oh, the emotion.  Adieu, sweet Hines.  Adieu.

Big Pens/Stars GTOPG coming later today.

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