Tuesday, March 6, 2012

GTOPG: If the Pens were in the Western Conference; Pens Win 2-1

By GTOG Staff

If you want to play the what-if game with Crosby's injury, or Letang's, or the 2006 draft where the Pens passed on Jonathon Toews, Nick Backstrom, and Phil Kessel for Jordan Staal, then you're wasting your time.  Because the only what-if game that we're thinking about this morning is What if the Pens were in the Western Conference?

The Pens are 12-2-3 against the West this year.  That is a 130 point pace over a full season.  We read somewhere yesterday that the Pens' PK against the West is 99% or something.  That's a 99% pace over a full season.  We don't know what those numbers tell us, other than the Pens shouldn't be scared of anyone.

A little more after the jump...

Not too much to be said about last night, but it was another impressive win over a desperate team.  Fleury was THAT good and has to continue to be THAT good because the Pens give up an extraordinary amount of scoring chances.  And it's not just regular scoring chances -- the Pens also give up whatever it was they gave up to Ray Whitney, where it looked like the Pens were treating Whitney as they would a hostage-taker who didn't want the police to get too close.  Geno may not have scored, but he drew three guys to him to open up Kunitz for the snipe-job.  Brian Strait was solid enough.

That's all we got today.  Not to be those guys, but we will be -- the time is coming for some Sid news, even if it's to reaffirm the status-quo.  The playoffs start in a month.  Clock is ticking.

Go Pens.


  1. So all the Pens need is to get to the Stanley Cup Finals, and then we won't have to worry!

  2. I can't imagine a scenario that would have GTOG more intense and locked in than a healthy Pens vs. a healthy Red Wings rubber match for the Cup.