Thursday, March 1, 2012

Big Ben's Barracks: Commander's Log, 3/1 in the Year of our Lord 2012

Dear Diary,

We lost a man in battle today. He never saw the end coming.

Hines was so young. I'll never forget the last thing he said to me before he died. He lay there clutching his Super Bowl MVP trophy and with the final burst of strength he could summon, he handed me the trophy and said, "Don't let them forget. Don't ever let them forget."  

I never loved Hines. Mostly it was because he didn't have a cool nickname like the rest of My Guys Tone, Twan, Tonio, and Plax.  But I always respected Hines.  He always paid the price, and My Guys liked him.

It was October 2008 when I saw the type of My Guy he could be.  The winds were howling that day. It's like God was burping and just wouldn't stop.  Historians refer to that day as the Day Crack Back Blocks Stopped.  I just remember it as the Day I Heard Keith Rivers' Jaw Crack.  I can still hear his screams in my dreams when I'm passed out at some rural community college bar.

Our battalion also just brought on a new leader. His name is Shaun Sarrett.  His title is Quality Control Coach.  I don't know what that means, but I don't trust him.  I've been watching the Military Channel ever since I stopped invading frat parties.  I know better than to trust S.S.  

Will write again soon,


P.S. I understand we also just lost Aaron Smith. I never met the man, but I've heard the same stories you've heard, about how he stopped the run.  May his biceps and triceps find peace. 

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