Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Onus is Ours: The GTOG Promise

We just got an incredible email from a reader. She built us up to the highest of highs, then tore us down to the lowest of lows for our failure to consistently recap episodes of The Bachelor. Basically, she put The Onus on GTOG.

And you know what? She's right. We have failed. We have let you down. But what we will never do is shy away from an Onus. We're not scared of you, Onus. Bring it.

February 8th is the first day of the rest of GTOG's life. 100% re-dedication starts now.


  1. Yea, I could do without the Bachelor tweets/recaps...

  2. Im with anonymous 1. More pens/steelers related stuff. Even more Ron Cook or leonsis take downs

  3. A note to everyone who would prefer that we forget about the Bachelor and focus on sports: We can't. GTOG has a significant Bachelor-loving fan base, or more accurately, a significant fan base that likes when we make fun of the Bachelor. We don't want to turn our backs on them. If it's not your thing, we get it. There are about 6,000 tweets that show up in our Twitter timeline on a daily basis that we don't care about. So we just scroll past them. We urge you to the do the same, and don't hold it against us.

    We'll do our best to continue to give all of our readers - especially our fellow Pittsburgh sports fans - the attention you deserve. But keep two things in mind: 1) We're not going throw up a post about Colin McDonald being sent down. Not enough time in the day. We have jobs; 2) If you want certain content, engage us. Let us know what you think. We'll respond. And one of these days we'll figure out how to implement real-time comments.

    In short, focus on what you like. Tolerate what you don't. LGP. GTOG.