Sunday, February 5, 2012

GTOPG: When no emotion is the rawest emotion; Pens lose 5-2

By Finesse

Sometimes you just know.  About two hours before the Pens-Devils game, I texted Artistry to say, "Pens game today has all the makings of a classic snoozer in new jersey."  And so it came to pass that this quickly became one of the most unwatchable Pens' games since the lockout.

By the book.
There's no possible way we can recap a game like that.  We only have so many eggs and so many baskets, and they are all going into Monday night's Raw Emotion Podcast after what should be one of the most passionate, shocking, and emotional Bachelor episodes ever filmed in Panama City, a place we presume will quickly be deemed "the perfect place to fall in love."

To hold you over, here's our Super Bowl recap...from last year.

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