Wednesday, February 8, 2012

GTOPG: Never fun to lose in Montreal; Pens lose 3-2

By GTOG Staff

Whenever the Pens get to overtime, part of you (and everyone else) is thinking, "we'll take the point."  But taking that point last night also meant giving a point to Montreal which is an act that no man should ever have to endure.  Montreal is a really annoying team because they're annoying AND they aren't good.  In fact, they're one of the worst teams in the league.  They stink.  And they are comprised of a lot of annoying players who also, individually, aren't good.

There's nothing worse than an annoying -- and dangerous --- player like P.K. Subban.  He gets hype because he skates fast through the neutral zone, but if you want to know where that skill will get you, look down the Habs bench at Scott Gomez, who hasn't scored in a year.  Literally, a year.  The truth about Subban is not only that he's dangerous -- when Letang tackled him, Subban kicked his skates up in the air like he was a wrestler avoiding a 3-count and we promise you, and anyone else who has ever played promises you, that kicking your feet up like that is something you can control.  It's also that he sucks.  He's on pace for 29 points this season.  Paul Martin is on pace for 28.   Subban is like the pro wrestler who brings a foreign object into the ring as soon as the referree gets distracted and uses it to pummel the opposition. Except he's not faking.


More thoughts after the jump...

- It's possible that Marc-Andre Fleury doesn't care that Carey Price makes all-star teams and he doesn't. Or that when Carey Price wins shootouts he poses like the guy who grew up to be Vanilla Ice did while listening to Run DMC in 1987. Or that he gave up a classic Flower "I'm going to play a magnificent game marked by one totally self-inflicted, spectacular goof" goal in a game against Carey Price. But he might care. And that may have something to do with Fleury not showing up after the game to talk to the media.

- Dustin Jeffrey hasn't done much offensively since his return from injury: 4 points in 19 games, with all but one of those points coming in a single outing. That said, Jeffrey was on the verge last season of establishing himself as a legitimate top 6 option. Maybe that was a fluke, but no, it wasn't a fluke, because this is Dustin Jeffrey we're talking about. And we (Artistry) can't imagine - we (Artistry) really can't imagine - why it's a good idea to give DJ's linemates and DJ's minutes to, with apologies to Mark Letestu, Letes2.0 Cal O'Reilly.

Like a slow-growing plant, Jeffrey may just need more time, more love, and more attention.
- If somebody recalibrated the great NHL penalty call sliding scale to where it was just after the lockout, you know, when they called penalties, Geno would draw one every shift.

- Would it really kill the Penguins to let us know what's wrong with Tyler Kennedy? We know he's out with a leg, right? So you can't tell us what's happening with the leg? Everything has to be a state secret? Really? Forget it, we don't care.

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