Monday, February 13, 2012

GTOPG: Malkin > Adele; Pens Win 4-2

By Finesse

Last night, two all-world talents performed: Evgeni Malkin in Pittsburgh and Adele at the Grammys.  Malkin had two goals while looking like a top-10 talent of all time.  Adele sang "Rolling in the Deep" and looked afraid to hit all the notes.  This is apropos of nothing, other than to say that Malkin would be a better singer than Adele would be hockey player.

You could have had it all
The Pens' first-line combined for 8 points and was completely unstoppable.  Throw Letang in that mix, and it's arguably the best 4-man unit in hockey.  Mathieu Garon was overwhelmed, Brent Johnson held the fort, and the Pens got two points that they needed, earned, and would have had no excuse not getting.  All in all, a big night.

Also, Bylsma finally split up the Martin-Michalek pair.  Wonder where he got that idea...yesterday?

Our only concern, after the jump...


  1. Yeah- this is why I don't understand the persistent refrain that "OF COURSE Kunie should stay with Geno and Neal, even if Sid comes back." Even the media and people that should know hockey seem universally to be proclaiming that the Geno line MUST stay together.

    If Sid comes back (as big an if as that is) - Kunie needs to return to his line for scoring balance: I don't care how productive the Geno line is or how important Kunie is to it (and he is really important). An actual second scoring line will make up for the loss in production of the Geno line and have the added benefit of wearing out multiple defensive pairings, creating mismatches, etc.

    If Sid doesn't come back, this team is too top heavy to be a contender. The big line will get shut down by NYR or Boston or some other strong defensive club in the playoffs (like, you know, they did last week against a merely decent defensive club).

    This is to say nothing of the insanity of having the best player in the world playing with who: Sully? Duper? TK? DJ? some other third line winger? We only have 2 genuine top 6 wingers, and I don't see any coming out of the woodwork at deadline time.

    I find it crazy that so many people (not meaning you) have pointed out a lack of secondary scoring but nevertheless also insisted that Geno keep Kunie as well as Neal. It's been so consistent and seems so shortsighted that it's gotten under my skin. Anyway, seemed a discussion apropos given your point.

  2. Brandy,

    This is the EXACT conversation that Artistry and I were having online today, and we woud have done a post if we didn't have jobs.

    Malkin's brilliance is making it way too easy for people to forget Sid's brilliance. He's not only equal to Malkin, but probably better. To give Geno "dibs" on Kunitz just because they're playing well together now makes no sense, considering Sid was on pace to score 65 GOALS last year with Kunitz.

    Neal and Malkin should stay together, because Neal has never been with Crosby and clearly excels with Geno. But we're with you 100% ... if/when Sid is back, he plays with Kunitz and Dupuis.

  3. Amen- I also think it's important to recognize that, IF Sid comes back, he's walking into a stretch run when the hockey is faster, meaner, harder. For his own emotional well being as well as his productivity, he needs to be paired with wingers he's comfortable with. Even if the Pens pulled a top 6 out of their behind at the deadline, I probably wouldn't put whoever it was with Sid, at least not initially. I'd give him Kunie and Duper.

    Anyway, I don't often post (anywhere) but I love hockey and our boys and enjoy the blog. Better hockey talk than the majority of what's out there.