Monday, February 27, 2012

GTOG Podcast: Bachelor Fantasy Suite Night

It was an emotional night in GTOG headquarters as we recap Fantasy Suite Night on the Bachelor. After Chris Harrison offered three women the opportunity to sleep with Ben, he accepted, and then sent the most obvious one packing. What a night. What a podcast.

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So much on the line.


  1. Lazy. Please banter in full text so those of us at work not able to listen can still procrastinate with your witty recaps.

  2. Ben nailed the hat trick last night. @zuelos (twitter)

  3. Ben and the girls kept saying that they were ready to "open up". Awesome verbage on fantasy suite night. @zuelos (twitter)

  4. I was hesitant to listen to the podcast since I can;'t do it at work but I finally took the time to do it during my morning coffee and it was well worth it. Such raw emotion. Such banter.

  5. Hi, guys. Courtney is not better than Linzi :O and what did you even mean by it? That you prefer Courtney over Lindzi because she is more (intelligent/beautiful/charming/decent/you name it) or that she is better in Ben's eyes?

    I love your recaps and podcasts but didn't like that comment because I kind of understood that you consider Courteny to be more beautiful and that is why she is "better", but maybe I'm wrong...


  6. Esther -- love the support.

    When considering whether one contestant is better than another, we look at the complete spectrum -- our emotions, Ben's emotions, our own life experiences, whether one of them has a sex tape, etc. Basically, nothing is off the table when it comes to evaluating these Ladies.

    In the case of Courtney versus Lindzi, the fact is that Courtney is a much more complete contestant than Lindzi -- she has the looks, the moxie, the deft maneuverability through the gauntlet of emotions that this journey requires. Lindzi has a dad named Harry Cox, but she also has a sun allergy and is too into horses.

    So when we say someone is "better" than someone else, we are speaking neither for ourselves, nor for Ben. We are merely emoting, and we have no control over our emotions.