Friday, February 10, 2012

Chris Harrison's Unapologetic Consolidation of Power

By Finesse

GTOG was the first news outlet to expose Chris Harrison's strong-arming of Casey S. on this past week's show and tell you that it was nothing more than Harrison flexing his muscle and reminding Ben Flanjik who was in charge.  Now, predictably, other outlets have caught on and finally picked up on this story-line.  We are not experts just because we say we're experts; we're experts because we are experts.  (Ed. NOTE: We also implied in a non-libelous way that maybe Chris Harrison just wanted to sleep with Casey S.)

"Emmanuelle Chriqui and I have been friends for years..."
In his blog, Harrison is unapologetic about his unilateral decision to strong-arm Casey S. off the show by telling her in no uncertain terms that she was in love with a guy she said wasn't even her boyfriend.  He wrote:
You all saw what happened with Casey S., so let me take you behind the scenes and tell you what led me to step in and talk to her. We heard from Casey’s former boyfriend and a couple other people that Casey had spent serious time with him leading up to the show and that she still had serious feelings for him. In fact, her ex-boyfriend explicitly told us that he was currently in a relationship with her. I’ve said before that one thing I regretted during Ashley’s season is not going further and telling her more about Bentley and his intentions. I wasn’t going to let that happen again. Now, I want to make it clear that in my opinion Casey didn’t come on the show with bad intentions; she didn’t come on the show to deceive Ben. Like many people who have come on this show in the past, Casey learned a lot about herself and changed during her time here. My talk with her was in no way confrontational, but I did want to make things very clear, to her and everybody watching. Unfortunately that lesson of making things very clear for all involved was one I learned a few seasons ago. It’s funny to see how once the show airs, people’s memories can suddenly and dramatically change. 
Strong words.  Harrison was caught off guard last season when Bentley promoted his "Family Fun Center" business by acting like one super d-bag that carries a lot of smaller d-bags.  Now, much like Jerry Jones firing the Cowboys' coach and taking over on the sideline, Harrison has consolidated all power in one place: himself.

Not going to let this happen again.
Right now, Harrison is a rogue Border Patrol Agent keeping watch over the walls that guard and protect Ben's heart.  He'll use all necessary force.  So let this be a warning to you.  Chris Harrison has had enough of you and your wrong reasons.

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