Wednesday, January 18, 2012

GTOPG: Pens Win 2-1; The Internet Unites

By Finesse

Today the internet unites against two power-grabs that threaten our fundamental freedoms as Americans.  The first is SOPA, but the more important threat is a bill coming before the D.C. City Council that would allow Ted Leonsis's Verizon Center to hang banners and electric lights of unlimited size on the outside of the building and maybe even block the windows of a gym that I maybe use.  Ted has often felt that the rules should not apply to his facilities -- remember the Verizon Center being ranked as having the most amount of food-safety violations? We do! -- and this is no different.  The bill about the Verizon Center appears to exempt their banners from standards applicable elsewhere in the city.  You can vote against the bill here.

In other news, the Penguins won 2-1 in a shootout over Carolina.  It was a great game and a well-earned two points.  MalkiNeal for MVP.  Three other quick thoughts, courtesy of instant messages from Artistry this morning:

1) Do we need to revisit our condemnation of a Sulivan-Park-Kennedy line? They were nothing short of dominant against Carolina.

2) Watching Geno against the Hurricanes evokes powerful memories of Geno against the Hurricanes.

3) How come Brian Leetch was wearing Paul Martin's uniform last night? Really, how many chances did he have? I've never seen him play such an aggressive offensive game. He has the instincts, but he's not overpowering anybody with that shot. Do you think there is something permanently wrong with PM's wrist? Didn't he have surgery on it? Doesn't seem like he gets anything on his shots.

Go Pens.

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  1. Great stuff. It was a fractured forearm for the Prime Minister. I found this out on one of the few Internet web pages are still available today. I'm moving home to Pittsburgh tomorrow, but my understanding is I will still have blogging capability there. Phew.