Monday, January 23, 2012

GTOG Weekend Wrap: Pens Win; Insufferable Super Bowl Matchup

By Finesse

So much going on, so little time.  A few things to hold us over until Episode IV: Attack of the Eyelash Extensions.

- Just as it was unwise to bury the Pens afte the 6-game losing streak, it is equally unwise to coronate them  during the current 6-game win streak.  There are two things happening right now: Malkin is setting the world on fire, and the Pens are holding their place in the standings until Decision Day comes for Ray Shero.  When the world was ending less than two weeks ago, we told you not to panic.  We said the key date is February 20th, one week before the trade deadline.  By then, we'll know whether Sid has a legitimate shot at returning this season.  And if he doesn't....

- Not to rain on the parade, but the one concerning thing about the Pens' winning streak is that it is so dependent on one line.  Unofficially, Malkin and Neal have contributed to 142% of the Pens' goals in January.  It's never a bad thing that one line is doing too much, but it is a bad thing when the other lines aren't doing enough.

- If the Pens don't have enough confidence to start Brent Johnson tomorrow night in St. Louis, which would give Fleury a nine day break between starts (because of the All-Star game), then it's official that the Pens have no confidence in BJ.  Twenty-one straight appearances for Flower is too much.

- I'm not sure that either of the best teams won yesterday's conference championship games.  But I am sure that I won't be watching Sports Center for the next two weeks.

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