Thursday, January 26, 2012

GTOG Wants You to Comment!

By Finesse

We never pump our comment section, even though there are some entertaining exchanges that happen in there.  But for over 18 months, we've basically been talking at you.  We'd love to hear any thoughts you guys have on the Pens, the Bachelor, Paula Deen's diabetes, or anything else.  There's a comment string going here about the Pens, so if you want to weigh in, click that link and tell us why we're smart or why we suck.

Proud Graduates.
And if no one takes the bait, that's cool, too.  We can always just talk to each other.


  1. Can we debate on who the best Stuart is?

  2. That debate was settled when I found the afikomen in '89

  3. While Finesse is articulate, humorous, and insightful, no one does the wizard dance like Poise.

  4. if it wasn't for GTOG i'd have to rely on awful or overrated blogs for my pens news. the fact that more of my friends don't seem to follow GTOG really, genuinely upsets me.

  5. I listen to all the podcasts and often forward your column to my friends. I enjoyed the Ranking Hot Quarterbacks, but would suggest you now do "Ranking Hot Hockey Players."