Thursday, January 12, 2012

Get To Our Postgame: If Ted Leonsis Owned the Penguins; Pens Lose 1-0

By Finesse

Ever wonder what life would be like if Ted Leonsis owned the Penguins and blogged about the games afterwards?  Neither do we.  But, in the spirit of the Caps-Pens rivalry, which last night felt more like a Panthers-Flames matchup, let's pretend for just today that Leonsis owned the Pens.  What would he write?
We didn't get a power play.  They had two power plays. 
This was our 42nd game of the season.  We are 21-17-4.  In some eras, that would be a .500 record.  We are tied for 8th place with Washington, but Washington has played one less game.   
Last night was their 41st game of the season.
No excuses.  We have injuries to many players.  Sidney Crosby was in attendance last night.  He is recovering.  Every team has injuries; we have more injuries than every team.   
No excuses. 
Marc-Andre Fleury played well in goal.  We held the Capitals to 20 shots.  Usually that is good enough to win. 
We haven't scored many goals recently.  Our role players have gone many games without chipping in any goals.  Our stars are scoring some goals, but not enough goals to win.  Six goals in our last six games; we lost all six games. 
We play at Florida on Friday night.  Florida is having a good season.  They are in third place with 50 points.  It will be a big test for us on the road.
It's predictable when we are losing that we see negative pixels.  Read this one
We are improving.  Wish us well in Florida.  Thank you.
"That was nice. Thank you."