Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Crosby's at the beach? Uhh, Ok.

By Finesse

According to Dan Bylsma, Sidney Crosby is staying in California during at least some of the All-Star break to go to the beach.  You'll recall that Crosby originally went to California to visit with a renowned neurological spine specialist. This on the heels of another trip to Florida, and maybe Atlanta, to see Ted Carrick, a chiropractor who treats concussions.

Bylsma's quote:
"Not a timetable because it's possible he could stay there for a little bit of a break as well," Bylsma said of Crosby. "Not a definitive day back in Pittsburgh because he'll be staying on the beach for a little bit."
Forgive us for being skeptical.  Some will take Bylsma and the Pens at their word and think fun thoughts of Sid hitting on the girls from Laguna Beach.  Not at GTOG.  No matter how much positive spin the Pens try to put on Crosby's cross-country trips to physicians of unrelated specialties in order to treat a "concussion," we've been burned enough times.  Our walls are up.

We've reached the point where no news is bad news.  And that stands until we hear otherwise, from Crosby himself.

Go Pens.

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