Monday, January 16, 2012

Crosby, Carrick, Concussions and Chiropractors

By Finesse

First and foremost, it's really a shame that Shelly Anderson only has 1,734 Twitter followers because she's a producer.

Second, she is reporting that Sidney Crosby is back visiting Dr. Ted Carrick to discuss his recurring concussion symptoms, including balance and motion problems.  Here's her timeline on the subject (for the uninitiated, read from the bottom up)

We don't really know what this means, but it probably isn't a "good" thing.  At best, it's a checkup to maintain the status quo.  Unfortunately, we also have no idea what the status quo is other than that Sid isn't playing.

This much we do know: the Pens' season hinges on a chiropractor in Atlanta.

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