Thursday, December 15, 2011

This Kid is our Hero

By Artistry

We have our first shoe-in for GTOG's 2011-12 Heroes list, and it's this kid.

What kind of parents instigate a temper tantrum and then put it on YouTube for the whole world to see? Detroit Red Wings fan parents, that's who.  Hey honey, I have an idea, let's get our kid all riled up and confused and angry while he's rocking a Pittsburgh Penguins war helmet and then film it.  So cruel.  This child probably doesn't realize it, but he's an inspiration.  His innocence reflects how a lot of us feel right now.


  1. if i met a woman, fell deeply in love with her, then found out she was a wings fan... this would be the scene.


    Hey Randy, That may be the case but you only tossed her because her mustache was manlier than yours =P