Sunday, December 11, 2011

GTOPG: Thank God for the Islanders; Pens Win 6-3

By Finesse

Forget all the analysis you've been reading about NHL realignment because the only thing that matters right now is keeping the Pens in the same conference/division with the Islanders.  Nothing cures a team that for 20 minutes looked on the verge of slipping into a December slump better than being able to play 40 more minutes against Al Montoya.  Coming off losses to two Eastern Conference powers and having to dress Jason Williams, this was a huge two points on the road.

"I'm so good."
- Fleury's high glove side is like a really bad pimple you had in high school that went away and will never come back as bad as it used to be, but every once in a while gets a litte red.

- Paul Martin scored, and as far as GTOG is concerned, it was a laser off the crossbar.  You can show us video of it hitting Dylan Reese's butt and dribbling over the goal line, but we will choose not to believe that video.

- Pascal Dupuis is so good.

- We hope Claude Giroux is ok (<-- mandatory to say that), but if anyone deserves bad news it's Paul Holmgren.  Feeling very anti-Flyers today.

- Evgeni Malkin is third in the league in points per game.

- The 5-minute elbowing call on Travis Hamonic is the early favorite for worst call of the year.  Our take is that's too bad.  Go Pens.

 [Great find by @HF_Steve on Twitter]

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