Wednesday, December 28, 2011

GTOPG: The Girl With the Bra Outside Her Shirt; Pens Win 4-2

By Finesse

There are a lot of fashion trends that we don't understand.  Skinny jeans for men.  Juicy tracksuits.  Anything from that store Buckle in Ross Park.  But one thing we haven't seen before, and really need to sit down to discuss, is the girl at the Penguin game last night in the white t-shirt .... wearing her bra outside her shirt.  Asking us to formulate an opinion on that after only 12 hours is asking too much.

She's somewhere out there.
GTOG was in the house for last night's game and it was quieter than ever.  No exaggeration, my g-chat notification chime when I'm watching at home is louder than Consol.  But there's no need to beat that dead horse any more, especially because there was somewhat of an excuse for the quiet last night as Carolina played as if they're trying to set a record for most coaches fired in one season.  I'd be embarrassed if I was a Carolina fan, but if I was a Carolina fan, I probably wouldn't have been watching.

"I want 6 months severance!"
Other than having a good record (obviously), one hallmark of a good team is beating bad teams with relative ease.  Another hallmark is beating horrible teams while barely breaking a sweat, and that's what the Pens did last night.  Somehow, this was a 1-1 game going into the third period, but the Pens came out for the final frame and scored two quick goals, punctuated by Pascal Dupuis laughing on the bench, presumably about how easy it was to score both of those goals.  One Jordan Staal soft pass into the back of the net past an out-of-position goalie later, this one was in the books.  Consol erupted and was the loudest it was all night, what with all the car keys jiggling from the traffic-beaters.

- Neal-Malkin-Kunitz is not only on the list of best lines in the league, they're at the top.  Geno is an artist, Neal an unstoppable physical force, and Kunitz a calculating wrecking ball.  You can pencil that line in for 2 goals every game.

- Dupuis had been quiet for the past few games and most of last night until his beauty top shelf against an overmatched Justin Peters.  Peters played fine, but there's no way he's giving up less than 4 goals when he's facing 52 shots.

- Simon Despres is silky smooth.  He shows no fear jumping up into the play, and though at times this may seem overconfident, it's a sign that he knows he is good.  That's huge. What a player.  When Martin and Engelland are back, it's not a given that Lovejoy stays and Despres is scratched.

- That terror you feel inside is the prospect of another day of "no updates" on Crosby and Letang.

- Great job by Fleury to stay true to his "I'm giving up 2 goals no matter what" policy after a one-game deviation against Winnipeg.

- Crosby has been out for 8 games.  The Pens have a power play goal in seven of those 8 games, for a total of 10.  If When Crosby comes back, is there not finally enough evidence that he and Geno need to be on separate PP units?

- Huge game on Friday.  HBO cameras are in town.  Go Pens.

"Did someone say cameras?"


  1. Were you in section 104 (or nearby)?!? Because I believe I also saw the girl in the white shirt with bra on top. Or at least something black and vaguely bra-shaped/sized; I did not get a good look at it. ha.

    I refuse to believe that's a new trend.

  2. Yes, was in section 106 and the girl was in the 104 or 105 area. There is probably an argument that what she was wearing wasn't a bra, but I'm not buying that argument.