Friday, December 2, 2011

BREAKING NBA NEWS: Someone implies that Chris Paul can read

By Finesse

Absolutely enormous NBA news today, as Ric Bucher cites a "source familiar with [Chris] Paul's thinking" and reports that Chris Paul has been following the news and does, in fact, understand that the New York Knicks do not have a lot of good players that they can trade for him.

According to Bucher, the "source familiar with Paul's thinking" said:
"He has not asked for a trade to the Knicks because he knows the Knicks don't have anything to offer.  He wouldn't insult the Hornets by doing that."
Via an exclusive text message to GTOG this afternoon, a source familiar with the bounds of human etiquette and decency reports that yes, the Hornets are still insulted.

In other news, an individual living inside Kobe Bryant's head has confirmed that Kobe has received a copy of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement in the mail and plans on reading it at his leisure over the next two days.  This source would neither confirm nor deny earlier reports from a source familiar with a source familiar with the situation that Kobe received the copy of the CBA by email, as opposed to old fashioned mail.

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