Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Unhappy we haven't been paying him enough attention, Bruce Boudreau acts out

By Artistry

Granted, this clip of Caps coach Bruce Boudreau we got from a Capital's blog via Dan Steinberg @dcsportsbog is several months old, and also, the video shows he's clearly going for laughs as he complains about his portrayal on HBO's 24/7. But with the Penguins and Capitals set to meet on December 1st, seeing this now is just as delicious as the remnants of any pasta sauce you might find on Boudreau's cheek.

Leader of Men
“The part that ticked me off the most was when they started showing their coach [Dan Bylsma],” Boudreau said. “And their coach at Christmas was down in the basement playing with his kid. He’s never played in the basement with his kid. Teaching him, well this is how you do this. Bull****."

See the clip and what $6 million man Brooks Laich has to say about Sidney Crosby after the jump...

Here's the clip:

Don't worry, we see you, Bruce. And we know it's hard trying to parent Alex Ovechkin when his counterpart in Pittsburgh looks to be all grown up, with a mustache and everything.

Speaking of Sidney Crosby, here's what Brook Laich, he of the ridiculous contract and stunning blue eyes, had to say about The Return:

“He doesn’t play for my team, so it really doesn’t matter.”

Huh. Guess we'll see if it matters next Thursday, Brooks.


  1. Well Brucie, I'll have you know my family has always ate Christmas dinner with music on and if we weren't dressed presentably we had to change. Just cause you're a slob and can't do family time right doesn't mean nobody does.

    Suck on that!


    Big fan, but get your facts right, GTOG.

  3. Thanks for pointing that out Lindsapple. We didn't know that he had the rare form of Eczema B which causes ketchup-looking outbreaks of "dry skin" around the mouth, often triggered by meals where a large amount of ketchup is consumed.

    GTOG's first Chief Medical Officer position is yours if you want it.