Sunday, November 6, 2011

GTOPG: "This man has great hands"; Kunitz carries Pens to 3-2 S/O Win

By Artistry

The broadcasters for the Los Angeles Kings didn't know much about the Pittsburgh Penguins, but they were dead on about Chris Kunitz's hands. Kunitz brought the Pens back early Sunday morning from a dark place, scoring the game-tying goal late in regulation and the winner in a shootout to turn what looked like a deeply unsatisfying 1 point road trip into a 3-out-of-4 point gem.

Hands of a Baby's Bottom, maybe we haven't appreciated you enough lately, so this one's for you.

More on the Pens after the jump...

- After another strong start, by the middle of the third the Penguins were in danger of getting blown out of the building by Anze Kopitar. Even Geno's line looked outclassed. Bob Bortuzzo and Captain Picard were running around. We were just hoping to get out of there with a point.  This is the kind of win you won't remember in May, but you should.

- We told you this week we could care less that Steve Sullivan had yet to score a goal, but Kris Letang decided to get him one anyway. What a dazzling play to set up Sully with an empty net by Letang, who is now on pace for an 82 point season and already shedding the tag as a guy who relies on Sid Crosby to get his points.

- Long flight home for Richard Park and Arron Asham, who both made glaringly bad plays that led to the Kings' two goals.  Don't give Shero a reason to keep Mark Letestu around.

- On Sidney Crosby:  We don't get too high or too low about reports on Crosby seeing a doctor. We probably wouldn't fly to San Jose for a night game only to fly back the next day, but then, we hate to fly.  Stay steady.  And look for Crosby in the lineup somewhere around Sidsgiving.

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