Tuesday, November 22, 2011

GTOPG: Leftover Thoughts on Sidney Crosby's Triumphant Return

By Finesse

Some leftover thoughts from Sidney Crosby's emotional return. For full reaction, listen to our post-game podcast.

- All 4 of Crosby's points came off of his backhand which, to anyone who has ever played hockey at any level, is remarkable. There is a fine line separating the legendary players from the great players, and the ability to be as threatening on his backhand as he is on his forehand, if not more so, is what puts Sid in the former category. I'm sure 4 points on the backhand has been done before. But not often.

Our pick for the Art Ross trophy, Ovechkin on Sid, and some numbers, after the jump...

- If we were placing bets, and we're not, we'd put our money on a Penguin to win the Art Ross trophy: Evgeni Malkin. Right now he has 16 points, 13 off the pace set by Phil Kessel, which we will point out cannot be sustained by Phil Kessel. At least three things in Geno's favor:

1) With Sid back, Geno's line will get a lot more chances to go against the opponent's second-best defensive pairing rather than its best and won't get the shutdown-treatment from the opposing team's best defensive forwards.

2) His surgically repaired knee is only going to get healthier as the season goes along. Hopefully.

3) The power-play. Again, hopefully.

- Pascal Dupuis has 17 points (4g, 13a) and is a +10.

- Jaromir Jagr has 17 (6g, 11a) and is a +7. He's also out with a groin injury.

- Alex Ovechkin has 15 points (7g, 8a) and is a -5.

- Speaking of Ovechkin, we at GTOG have no problem with anything he said about Sid's return. From Puck Daddy, quoting from somewhere:
When asked if Crosby's return would motivate him, Ovechkin said "yeah," but followed by saying: "It doesn't matter; Sidney over there, somebody else over there … I have to play my game." As for Crosby's four-point night in his return to the ice, Ovechkin said: "I didn't see the game, so … it's good for him, coming back from long-term injury. So it's good for him."
That's exactly what he's supposed to say, isn't it? First off, "good for him" can have a snarky meaning in English, which may not translate the same in Russian (see Geno asking a mic'd up Pascal Dupuis if he was wearing a "microwave"). Second, it's not like he's going to be watching the Pens or rooting for Crosby. After all, he's got goals to not score that he used to be able to score.

- Is there a more well-liked person in hockey right now that Dan Bylsma?

- Conversely, is there anyone who appears to have less of an idea of what to do at any particular moment than Jack Capuano?

"To answer your question, I'm not sure I understand the question."
- Finally, with full realization that all of this euphoria could turn to despair at any moment, let's turn the final thought over to my Dad, via text message this morning:
Best player in the world. Just like his landlord was. We are blessed.


  1. What a text message.

  2. Way to overanalyze Ovi's response.

    Let's just call it what it is. You are an Ovi-hater. He can do nothing right by you.

  3. Maybe you're incapable of reading. We're the ones defending his response.

  4. Skones, you've got it all wrong. Maybe the wrongest comment of the year. We're not Ovi-haters. We're Ovi-mockers. We're just trying to get the most out of him. It's like parenting.

  5. As I am quite capable of reading, perhaps I should elaborate on my statement...

    I called you guys Ovi haters for two reasons. One, cause you're overanalyzing his statement. I guess that's what happens in the blog world, but I think that the very fact that you chose to analyze his words regarding Sid's come back, displays your predisposition to question and dislike anything Ovi does/says. There is no need to defend a response that has not garned any criticism. Second, you continue on to say, "After all, [Ovi's] got goals to not score that he used to be able to score."

    That's why I called you haters.

    You hate him, cause you ain't him (or cause he's not on your team).

    Great Eight Forever

  6. Some people get it. Other people are skones.

  7. Many Pens fans are reactionary and attack Ovechkin for everything. See: http://www.thepensblog.com/tpb/nov2011/ovechkin-demoralized.html

    That's why we were defending him.

    And you're right. We're definitely jealous he's not on our team. The one thing missing from the Pens is a 32-goal scoring winger who counts $10mil against the cap.

  8. After reading: http://www.thepensblog.com/tpb/nov2011/ovechkin-demoralized.html

    ... I understand your post and retract part of what I stated regarding the overanalysis, etc... apologies.

  9. I'd just like to say that GTOG is way better than Pens Blog

  10. Steve, we really appreciate you reading. Spread the word.

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