Sunday, November 13, 2011

GTOPG: Behind the scenes look at Pens 5-3 loss to Canes

By Artistry

Ever wonder what we're thinking during Penguins games like Saturday's 5-3 loss to Carolina?  The best thing you can do is follow us on Twitter.  The other option would be to steal one of our cell phones.  We pick up the texting in the midst of a furious Pittsburgh comeback, as Chris Kunitz buries a long-range shot past Cam Ward to bring the Pens all the way back from a 3-0 deficit.  Best we can do on a Sunday during the Steeler game.

Artistry, 9:24 PM - Hands.

Finesse, 9:24 PM - What a laser.

Finesse, 9:24 PM - I have a feeling Kunitz isn't done.

[Ward foils Malkin on a breakaway]

Artistry, 9:25 PM - Oh Geno.

Finesse, 9:25 PM - He needs to get his Finish back.

[The Hurricanes beat an out-of-position Brent Johnson to take the lead again, 4-3]

Artistry, 9:30 PM - I think BJ should just play entirely inside the net.

Finesse, 9:34 PM - Fleury, BJ is not.

Finesse, 9:34 PM - I think during commercial breaks the Canes announcers probably talk about how much better the Pens are. But oh well, not tonight.

Artistry, 9:35 PM - Nope. Chad LaRose. Unstoppable.

Finesse, 9:36 PM - Pens could have had 11 goals tonight. Can't win them all. Unfortunate how often our D puts itself out of position.

Artistry, 9:37 PM - What happened to Sully?

"I'm out with a lower body."
Artistry, 9:38 PM - Great Byls-stache.

Finesse, 9:39 PM - Bylsma is really making a statement with that mustache that he feels comfortable with his job security.

Artistry, 9:40 PM - We can only hope we see these guys in the playoffs. Pens in 2.

Finesse, 9:42 PM - It would make the 2009 ECF look like the Battle of Stalingrad.

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