Monday, October 24, 2011

Wake Up With GTOG: Ron Cook Reminds You That Mike Wallace is Fast; Steelers Win 32-20

By Finesse

A full Post Game will be up later today, but let's get the morning started with some Ron Cook poetry featuring rhetorical questions, needless repetition, bizarre use of italics and colons, and at least one "indeed."
Shame on Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator Ray Horton.
Cornerback Richard Marshall isn't.
Here's the first of two amazing things:
And the second amazing thing:
We're talking unbelievable speed.
Teams keep kicking to Hester.
He keeps doing it.
How does this keep happening?
Oh, it's real, all right.
It showed up on the scoreboard.
Deflating for the Cardinals?
Deflating, indeed, Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt admitted.
Still, Wallace won.
"He's a freak show out there ... "
That day is coming fast.
Of course, it's coming fast.
With Wallace, how else would it come?

Tough crowd.

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