Thursday, October 6, 2011

One Man. One Boot. One Band of Brothers.

By Finesse

We know that today should be about the Penguins, but we can't let this opportunity go to waste.  As almost everyone knows, Big Ben Roethlisberger has a foot injury.  And for those of you who don't know, the Wounded Warrior will make sure you don't forget.

But Big Ben's foot injury isn't going to prevent him from doing what he does best: take the blame for the Steelers sucking.  No, not just some of the blame, but a lot of it.  That's leadership.  How do we know that's leadership?  Well, because real Big Ben told us.

Here's what he said on Monday:
"I don't know.  You know me, if I can be out there I'm going to be out there. That's so for next week, too.  I casted up my foot for the last half of the year, so if we have to do it, I'll do it."
And here's what he said yesterday:
"I play the game a certain way and I don't want to change that. People talk about getting the ball out of your hand faster, do this and do that. But I've been playing this game pretty successfully, this is my eighth year and done a decent job, we've done a good job and the line has done a good job . . . I want to make sure [the linemen] don't get too much blame because a lot of it is my fault. We'll just play the game the way we know how."
Such Toughness. Such Humility.

And thanks to GTOG's exclusive sources inside the Steelers' organization, we've obtained the following quote from Big Ben expanding on his earlier statements:
I'm not sure what's going on out there.  All I know is that my foot is in enormous pain.  It will definitely still hurt on Sunday.  Probably even worse than that game in college when I broke both of my legs, six ribs, shattered my femur, and went temporarily blind in one eye but still QB sneaked in from the 6 yard line to win it in overtime.  Full faith and credit.  
I play the game a certain way.  That way is to run around and hope God lets something good happen.  You people talk about getting rid of the ball quicker, but that's not how I play the game because I don't know how to do that.  Seriously, no one ever taught me.  My guys up front, my brothers, I have faith in them too.  They play the game the way they know how.  They don't actually know how to play the game, but that's the way they play.  Band of Brothers.
"Ramon has done a good job this year."

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