Sunday, October 30, 2011

If you can't beat Toronto, you might as well throw a sick Halloween party

By Finesse

When the Pens play on HNIC against Toronto, it's usually one extreme or the other -- think the Valentine's Day massacre or some game where Sid and Geno probably each had hat tricks (not looking it up, but just assuming that it's happened in Toronto).  Last night, as the game crawled by on mute in the background of a big time Halloween party, it was clear that this game wouldn't hit either of the extremes, unless you count Malkin trying to set the record for most penalties taken but least amount of time actually spent in the box.

The definition of something you hope to never see.
Bottom line: nothing to dwell on here.  Pens are going to lose some games.  Hands is going to continue mopping up in front.  Pens PK will miss Michalek.

We look forward, not backwards.

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