Sunday, October 23, 2011

GTOPG: Pens Outmaneuver Devils; Win 4-1

By Finesse

Last season when the Pens were missing Sid and Geno, every game was a nail-biter.  The Pens were scraping and clawing for every goal.  It got so bad that you probably said to yourself more than once, "Bylsma should be double shifting Kennedy right now."

This season, the Sid and Geno-less Pens have a completely different feel -- a borderline dominant one.  You actually expect the Pens to score goals and don't act surprised when they score one on the power play.  If Fleury lets in a bad goal -- which he rarely does -- you don't think that just lost the team the game.  If the Pens hit a rut, you say to yourself with total belief, "it's OK, as long as we're rolling Richard Park, Jordan Staal, and Dustin Jeffrey down the middle, something special will happen."  And then it does.

It's too early in the season to get too high or too low, so we're going to keep things in perspective.   But right now, the Pens are cruising along like Vin Diesel when he shifts gears 20 times during a car chase scene from Fast & Furious.

Just wait until we can flip the nitro booster.

Go Pens.

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