Friday, September 16, 2011

Largely Hypothetical Penguins Prospect Profile: Beau Bennett

By Artistry

Penguins training camp is underway, people are breathlessly tweeting the news every time Zybnek Michalek farts, and observers swear Geno Malkin is in the best shape of his life even though he says he's not. Excitement is running high. We're doing our part by giving you the inside scoop on our near baseless evaluations of some of the prospects looking to make an impression at camp. Today's subject: 2010 first round draft pick Beau Bennett.  

In short, we're high on Beau. For several reasons. First, Beau Bennett does not play Penguin hockey, and we mean that in the best possible sense. He is not a high energy kid with a positive attitude who loves to compete but who will never get you 30 or 40 goals. He is an occassionally disengaged former roller hockey player from California who probably will get you 30 or 40 goals while stoned. Sign us up.

Softest handshake of the 2010 draft
It's OK to introduce a little creativity on the wings. Really. That brings us to the second, related point: Bennett is described as a superb puckhandler who "has a diverse repertoire of shots and moves with the puck." Wait, are we sure we know what to do with someone like this? Aren't we more comfortable with wingers who have only one move with the puck, like the Dupuis shot or the Kennedy move? Really, what are we going to do with you Beau?

And there's the thing that really puts the kid over the top: what a name. Not Bo, Beau. Other famous Beau's include Beau Bridges, Beau Brummell, and Beau Peep, who is a loveable loser and a coward, but never mind. Here are some Beau highlights from 2010.

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