Thursday, September 22, 2011

GTOG Podcast: Impressions of Pens Camp, the Steelers, and Big Ben's Faith Rankings

In this week's podcast, we hit on the Pens, the NHL, the Steelers, Big Ben's faith, and even the Republican debate (though we edited that entire part out).  Take a spin (and subscribe on iTunes).

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The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want to run that play


  1. Just heard your call for feedback at the beginning of this podcast and I had to stop to come back and say I'M HERE! Not only do I listen and enjoy every time, I also email my cousin with a "Go listen to the latest GTOG. My favorite part is _____."

    So you have at least two loyal listeners. Keep 'em coming.

  2. Thanks Lizzie! Now let's get the rest of your extended family on board.

  3. Great Podcast. Here's an idea for your next podcast...

  4. I'm definitely listening. What else would I be doing on a Friday night? Here are my comments on tonight's cast:

    -I would love to call in, but I live on the west coast now and will rarely get to see the Pens actually hit the ice. I won't have any real contribution to make.

    -Shanahan: I was glad he was brought up, because I saw his picture on Yahoo! and immediately thought the same thing. He is aging terribly.

    -NHL head injuries: It's an awful problem. I agree with what Finesse was hinting at, that there will never be a solution that people are happy with. It's simple. The rules are inadequate now because of human error. Changing the rules again and again won't do anything to affect the (inherent) problem. It doesn't mean we shouldn't try to prevent severe injuries, it just means that this debate needs to stop hogging headlines.

    -Craig Adams's minutes: Before I begin, Adams is my second favorite Penguin, so my opinion is probably invalid. It was mentioned that he doesn't play a lot of minutes. My question is: should the Pens give him more? He defines manhood on the PK and is a playoff warrior. Does he have any ability to stand on a bigger stage? Or is there just no room above the 4th line?

    -NHL Preview: I was just wondering the other day whether or not you guys were going to do one this year. The last one was awesome.

  5. Randy!, what a comment. It's nominated for top comment of 2011.

    Totally agree on headshots. The league should continue to focus on dangerous hits, but I don't want to read about it constantly.

    As far as Adams goes, I like his minutes the way it is. Once you start expecting more from him than he is capable of -- scoring -- that's when you start getting disappointed.

    We're working on the NHL preview. Will be big time.

  6. I think I died laughing at the analysis of Brendan Shanahan's looks, and Geno being a gazelle galloping across the plains or whatever...