Friday, September 9, 2011

Dispatches from Toronto, Part I: Canadian People Love Ryan Gosling

By Finesse

The highlights so far:

Some place called Massasauga, Canada claims to have a population of 700,000 people.

I saw Ryan Gosling from 60 feet away.

There were some people chanting "Ryan! Ryan!"  I wasn't among those people.

My Dad thinks, but isn't sure, that he saw George Clooney's head.

Everyone wears Lululemon.

Hamilton, Ontario doesn't appear to have any buildings.

If Tim Horton's coffee isn't good in the morning, Canada as a country will be a fraud.

If it is good, then Canada is awesome.

Go Pens.


  1. I admit that I've seen "Crazy, Stupid, Love." twice.

  2. It is nearly the most wonderful time of the year. Don't forget to assign the onus when you do the Pens season preview. Fleury's onus is old news - I hope you can find a fresher one.