Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Simon Despres: Poised to Dominate

By Finesse

We've never really watched him play so we say this with almost no credibility: Simon Despres is going to be a beast.  Here is our reasoning:

First, his name is fantastic.  Second, he's big, fast, and rangy which is exactly what you want your defensemen to be.  Third, his name.  Fourth, we've never heard anyone say anything bad about him.  Fifth, if he does turn out to be as good as we hope he is then the Pens' defense will be insane, and we would like to live in a world where the defense is that good.

Je serai tres bon.
Here's the PG profile.

And to our fans, we know the site has been a little lacking recently.  I was on vacation and Artistry lives in a community where he has multiple children and no electricity.  This week may also be a little sporadic, but after Labor Day we go full speed.  Because like Ashley said about Constantine, when we love, we love hard.

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  1. Give yourself some credit. You provide more analysis than the Post Gazette. I suggest we do these largely hypothetical prospect profiles as a regular feature. We can call them "Largely Hypothetical Player Profiles."