Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Outrage: Bullies Target Our "Friday" Girl

By Artistry

It's OK to mock a culture that elevates something like Rebecca Black's "Friday" video to a level of popularity approaching Michael Jackson's "Thriller."  It's also OK to satirize that video until the end of time or dissect it second-by-second like we did on this podcast.  But it is not OK to bully 13-year-old Rebecca Black.  The poor girl reportedly had to leave school because some pissants sitting in the back row in Social Studies class wouldn't let up about her sitting in the front seat, having cereal, Saturday coming after Friday, or what have you.

Listen you little shits.  GTOG wants to have a word with you.  One day you'll learn the difference between what's funny and what's cruel, but since you haven't yet, let's make this easy.  We apologize for our tongue-in-cheek inclusion of Ms. Black on our "Villains" list and are hereby retroactively making her a hero.  Much like the United States Constitution, GTOG's Heroes and Villains list is a living, breathing document, and unlike the federal government, we're capable of swiftly implementing fundamental change and putting our hands firmly to the wheel of justice when the circumstances so demand.  Consider it done.  Keep your chin up, Rebecca.


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