Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Islanders' Viewing Party: Hey, At Least Serial Killers are Principled

By Finesse

The Islanders are throwing a viewing party for their fans to re-watch the February 11, 2011 game against the Penguins where Trevor Gillies single-handedly disproved evolution.  The Pensblog, understandably, is entertainingly against it.  Greg Wyshynski at Puck Daddy really reaches to defend the viewing party on the grounds that there is something "admirable" about the Islanders owning this part of their identity.  He's taking the position that when you do something embarrassing and wrong, it is better to dig your heels in and double down on the disgrace because to not celebrate it would be -- gasp!! -- hypocritical.  Because that makes sense.  Maybe the next time a pedophile is released from jail and immediately goes online to watch child porn, Wysh can commend him for not being a hypocrite.

Can't wait to watch this again!!!
Whatever.  We're actually not that inflamed by this because, as Wysh pointed out, we don't have to watch.  But we'd be curious to know the reaction people would have if the Pens hosted a party to celebrate Matt Cooke's Greatest Hits...

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