Friday, July 1, 2011

A World Gone Mad: Holmgren Scours for Shero's Sloppy Seconds; Sather Pays Rupp

By Artistry

Everything is spinning. I'm glad I'm sitting down. 

Max Talbot is going to the Flyers for 5 years and $9 million.  That is not a typo.

Stone Cold Thief
Glen Sather just gave 4th liner wing Mike Rupp a 3 year contract for $4.5 million.  Wait.  Of course he did.  It's Glen Sather.  

This is not a dark day for the Penguins.  Emotional?  Sure.  But it's the Rangers and Flyers that just extravagantly overpaid for depth players.  Bizarre all the way around. 

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  1. Talbot walking into the Flyers' locker room makes me think of Omar walking into jail (see The Wire, Season 4).