Monday, July 25, 2011

Wake Up With GTOG: Go To Bed With Ashley?

By Finesse

Critical night on the Bachelorette.  Last week was Hometowns, but tonight is Overnights.  If you've never experienced an Overnight with GTOG, you don't know what you're missing.  To set the scene of what is likely to happen tonight:
Ashley and Ben F. are at dinner.  He is talking about his dead father.  Ashley is voicing over that she feels Ben F.  is being "really real."  Walls are crumbling all around us.  A Fijian waiter comes over with an envelope.  It's from Chris, and there's a key inside.  "If you choose to take advantage," the card reads, "then you can use this key to the Fantasy Suite to share a private evening together.  -Chris."  They exchange glances.  Ashley voices over, "I'd love to spend more time with Ben."  Cut to the Fantasy Suite door closing while we see a zoomed-out silhouette of Ashley and Ben.  Toyota commercial.
What happens in the fantasy suite is anyone's guess.  Our official predictions for tonight:

Finesse: Ben F. gets the Fantasy Suite. Conny and Ash "just aren't quite there yet. We're moving at a slower pace than with some of the other guys. But that's ok." JP flips out when he realizes ashley had the Fantasy Suite with Ben F.

Artistry: I say it comes down to Ben and Constantine. And they end up having a threesome.

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