Monday, July 18, 2011

GTOG Raw Emotion Podcast: Bachelorette Episode 8 Recap ... HOMETOWNS!

Outrage tonight at GTOG headquarters, as we try to come to grips with the ouster of perhaps the most thoughtful, sincere, and imaginatively dressed Gentlemen ever to appear on the Bachelorette. How could Ashley forget the magic under the Magnolia tree? When Constantine loves, how hard does he love, exactly? What happened on Ben's date? We may have dozed off. And when will Ashley see JP for the emotionally domineering Brad Womack-esqe lover he most certainly is? We threw out the checklist early on in this Journey. Brace yourselves. The Raw Emotion podcast starts right now.

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So long, old friend.


  1. Love the Raw Emotion boys. Great analysis. And I think you guys brought up the perfect reason why Ames got sent home. However, I view the entire situation a bit different. You were spot on saying that the lust was not there for Ashley with Ames. Her first words about Conny were that "he looks so sexy in the restaurant." Whatever that means. Then right when she meets up with Ben she runs into his arms exclaiming how sexy he is. And we all know how many times she's said she thinks JP is so stunning. Has she ever said Ames is hot or good looking? I don't think so. And while you guys sorta knocked Ashley for booting Ames cause the chemistry wasn't there, I see it the other way around. Big ups and kudos to Ashley for keeping someone around this long that she just wasn't that attracted to. She did this cause she clearly saw Ames was the best person and most interesting dude on the show, and Ashley wanted to develop that part of their relationship in hopes of it conquering the lack of animal passion. I don't question why one person is attracted to another. Sometimes it's just not there. So I say well done to Ashley for taking Ames this far and giving him a shot.

  2. I'm slow-clapping for Skones right now. - Artistry

  3. Hey guys. One other note I thought worth mentioning regarding the hometowns... look at each dude's job. Ben is a winemaker, a job he has inherited from his family business in Sonoma. Conny is the heir to an Italian-imitation-greek restaurant, which is also a family business. And then you got JP, a construction manager. Overall not really sure about his educational and work background. And then you got Ames... ok so he was a boarding school product, but he's clearly a successful dude on his own. Legitimately, the only independently successful suitor. But now he's gone and you got 2 family business guys and a construction dude. I think JP isn't going to last to the finals, despite his original prospects. Clearly, as you noted, he's got issues. But I also think this is the point where Ashley starts to look at the bigger picture. Cummings, Georgia..... Roslyn, Long Island... Sonoma, California... Ben is so far ahead at this point, its silly. If I had to offer odds at this point on Ben, it'd be 5-4. Only chance he doesn't win is if he rejects her. Ashley is not dumb, but not what we'd consider an intellect. She's the type of girl that wants the knight in shining armor and her bills to be paid. I bet JP will be out next week, and then it'll come down to the doppelgangers. Or as Ashley will see it: Wine Business in Cali vs. Cheap Italian Restaurant in Cummings, GA.

    It's a lay up.

    The only question now is, Will Ben take Ashley?