Monday, July 11, 2011

GTOG Raw Emotion Podcast: Bachelorette Episode 7

[After you listen, you can read the full recap here]

Oh boy.  After another shocking episode, and a few cocktails, we lean on each other to laugh and cry simultaneously.  How have Ames and Constantine made it this far? Has any quarterfinalist ever done less than Constantine to deserve a ticket to Hometowns? When did the bloom come off of Ryan's rose?  Can Ben's momentum be stopped?  Who will change JP's diaper after his next tantrum?  We answer all of those questions and more in one of our most emotional podcasts yet.  For all the times we've cried on the podcast, we deserve one where we can laugh.  We lose it a little at the 3 minute mark, but stick with it because we do regain our composure.

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The sun doesn't always shine.

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