Friday, July 1, 2011

GTOG NHL Free Agency Liveblog 2011

By Artistry

What a week.  Here's what we know today about the free agency outlook for the Penguins: Jaromir Jagr and Tyler Kennedy are still in play.  Max Talbot and Mike Rupp are gone.  No one knows exactly how this will play out, but we'll navigate the emotional mine field together, in real time. GTOG will be updating this post until I leave work at 4 pm all day long. 

Glad you think this is funny.

12:24 PM - I'm done for the day unless the Pens do something else. Just don't have the wherewithal right now.

12:14 PM - Red Wings have also pulled out of the Jagr sweeps. Well played, Svoboda.  Moron.

12:13 PM - Pens sign Tyler Kennedy to 2 year contract at $2 million per. This will be controversial, but it shouldn't be. He would have gotten close to $3 million on the open market. 

11:40 AM - OH NO. Jagr offer revoked.

11:20 AM - Trib now reporting a deal with Kennedy is almost done. No news on Jagr.

11:15 AM - It's almost like giving more than $5 million a year to this guy

11:14 AM - That said, $33 million for Wisniewski is questionable at best.

11:06 AM - Reports that Columbus signs James Wisniewski to a 6-year, $33 million deal.  This combined with Thursday's Erhoff signing supports Shero's contention that - outside of franchise centers - mobile defensemen are the most valuable commodities in the league.

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