Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Wake Up With GTOG: The Pirates, The Bruins, and The Dormont Pool

By Finesse

For those of you who don't know, and that's everyone except for me and Artistry, today is the one-year anniversary of GTOG.  We will celebrate ourselves fully, completely, and with our whole hearts later today, but until then...

- The Pirates are not bad.  The starting pitching is legitimately good and the closer, Joel Hanrahan, has left the great Dejan Kovacevic speechless. We aren't really sure what to make of this, given that we spent the preseason  holding a daily Twitter contest in which I took one real Pirate name and then made up another name and asked you, the fans, to figure out which was real and which was fake.

More than the courtesy Pirate on your fantasy team.
- The Canucks failed to show up for the third time in Boston, getting blown out of the building in the first period before settling in to a 5-2 loss.  So far, we've learned the following from these playoffs:

1) Vancouver is good, but also kind of a joke.

2) He could have 11 straight shutouts, save a child from a burning building, and spend his offseason adopting three-legged dogs and I still could never like Tim Thomas.

3) The December 2010 Penguins would be on their fourth straight day of swimming with the Cup in Mario's pool if, you know...

4) Pens fans seem to be rooting for Boston which, to me, is confounding.  It would be patriotic to root for the Bruins if their players were all American but the most prominent American on their team is Tim Thomas and that's a non-starter here at GTOG.  As a Penguins' fan, it's difficult to root for anyone from the Eastern Conference, especially an organization that thinks it was one Ulf Samuelsson hit on Cam Neely away from winning the Cup in 1991 and 1992 (nevermind that the Pens went on to absolutely humiliate the Bruins in 8 straight Wales Conference Championship games).

- According to LeBron James, today is the day that people in Cleveland must get back to their personal problems.  Sorry Cleveland.  Hope you enjoyed Monday.

- Why do people hate Roberto Luongo so much?

- Within a 2-week period, people from Mt. Lebanon saw the opening of the Dormont Pool and Mark Cuban win an NBA Championship.  That's living the dream.

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