Monday, June 6, 2011

Wake Up With GTOG: D-Wade Takes Over; Throw it to Plaxico!

By Finesse

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- Dwyane Wade took over late for the Heat last night as they took a 2-1 series lead over the Mavs with an 88-86 victory.  Chris Bosh hit the winning shot late, but it was Wade who controlled the game for the Heat in the 4th quarter.  In his own words, "I took it upon myself as a leader to lead my guys by example.  I’ve been here before."

- You know who else has been there before?  LeBron James.  His Cavs made the least-entertaining Finals of all time in 2007 and were swept by the Spurs.  Even D-Wade doesn't remember.  It's hard to knock LeBron too much because the Heat won the game and he did have a nice assist on Bosh's winning jumper, but if you're a student of body language and of jumping to conclusions based on what you see on TV, like we are, then you could tell that LeBron wasn't passive because he thought the game dictated it -- he looked rattled.  When Wade is on his game, LeBron is right to be reasonably deferential.  But to stand in the corner and let Mario Chalmers and Joel ("Joelle") Anthony be the outlets for Wade when he gets double teamed is soft.  Tissue soft.

- Plaxico Burress gets out of jail today and will be an unrestricted free agent whenever the NFL Lockout comes to an end.  He will be 34 years-old when the season begins and will not have played football in 3 years.  Researching the possibility of Burress returning to the Steelers, one will stumble upon the following quote from Big Ben:
"Plax really helped kind of mold me and make me who I am."
Explains a lot.

"See you at the bar later?"
- Huge Bachelorette episode tonight.  Arguably the biggest of the season so far.  All signs point to Ashley prematurely letting her Walls down for Bentley, thereby exposing her heart to breakage.  Will Ryan P., reincarnate of Apollo, be able to harness the broken pieces of her heart to bring clean energy to poor people?  Stay tuned.

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