Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wake Up With GTOG: Cue the Outrage!

By Finesse

That five day layoff between the end of the Eastern Conference Finals and the start of the Stanley Cup Playoffs almost made us forget the displeasure we feel watching goons and scrubs like Keith Jones and Mike Milbury expound indignation at the transgressions of current players and somberly call for suspensions.

Last night, the "outrage" was over Alex Burrows biting Patrice Bergeron after the first period of Vancouver's dramatic 1-0 victory of Boston in Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals.  The point here is not to argue that Burrows shouldn't be suspended -- he probably should be -- but to illustrate that the only thing worse than dirty plays like biting opponents is the faux-morality and insufferable pomposity of a lowlife like Keith Jones and Mike Milbury, who makes Glen Sather look like Branch Rickey.

Laughing because he knew.
Maybe I'm going overboard, because Jones and Milbury were relatively tame in their analysis of the incident.  But if it had been Matt Cooke....

Very exciting game last night.  If you watch the highlight package, there are times when the Canucks look like the Globetrotters.  Thomas will need to be that good in every game for the Bruins to stay in it.

Go Pens.

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