Monday, June 6, 2011

Steelers Get No Respect; Everyone Yawns

By Artistry

If you make your living writing about the NFL, these are desperate times. There's pretty much only one thing you can do to draw traffic and get people to talk about football, and that's by drafting a "Top 100 players" list.  Boom, instant controversy.  Ben Roethlisberger is only the 41st best player in the league, as voted by his peers?  Outrage!  Until you consider, as Finesse points out, that his peers probably don't like him.  Troy Polamalu is only No. 50 on Peter King's list?  That's indefensible, but then again, Peter King put some guy named Carl Nicks at No. 41, so he's pretty deep inside his own head on this one.

Has Never Even Heard of Carl Nicks
The Steelers probably consider all this a gift.  It's great bulletin board material.  I can only imagine that they're getting themselves all worked up on Twitter as we speak.  Let's check in to see what the boys are talking about today in the wake of such blatant disrespect.  As always, these are actual tweets from actual Steelers, sometime in the last 24 hours:

@tpolamalu: Amazing footage of a water spout tornado. Never seen anything quite like it -

@williamgay22: Ladies ladies ladies....all my beautiful women that follow me in Tallahassee, fl pass the word

@Ike_SwagginU: Choppin it up with my homie he said (ya no Ike marriage is a beautiful thing) I replied back ( being single is too) #He4GotWhoHeTalknTooWTF

@rmundy29: Hope things work out for Plaxico.

Has Never Even Heard of Ryan Mundy


  1. you sound dumb... Has any one heard of carl nicks? do you watch football? i agree ben doesnt get the respect he deserves but carl is the best guard in the nfl. Just because you dont see him on commercials and espn isnt talking about him doesnt mean he is weak. He is a beast and a monster of an o-lineman. You should smack the hell out of yourself!

  2. Stop trolling our website, Carl Nicks's mom.

  3. Your anonymous commenter about Carl Nicks apparently has no sense of humor. I don't like it when they call you guys "dumb". Let him try to be entertaining day after day.